Dear Reader,

The members of Spring 2014 Women and Gender Studies senior colloquium at the University of Colorado at Boulder present to you this activist toolkit. This toolkit is grounded in our academic work and collective experiences, but it is intended to extend into your community and lives as a tool to use for positive change. We have drawn on our own personal experiences that have shaped the ways we understand these topics. All of us are Women and Gender Studies majors, and are proud to bring to you a compilation of our hard work and passion for activism. We recognize the importance of self-education before embarking on activist journeys, and decided to make an easily navigable way for you to learn about various elements of activism. This toolkit was designed to be used by individuals who are interested in activism, and who may be inspired by similar experiences and academic work. We caution against this toolkit being considered as a fix-all solution to any problems you encounter, but agree strongly that it is a great place to begin for inspired activists.

We hope you enjoy reading/using this toolkit as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. Feel free to add or eliminate things in order to make it more conducive to your activist work. Good luck!


Senior Colloquium for Women and Gender Studies of 2014